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terrain about 30 mi. northeast of los angeles. most people have vacuity campsites and communities in the area but in a handful of residents are still refusing to leave. >>> i just decided to set up peer and a fight. it's better than standing back and wondering how your place is doing. of animals friends and family appear. >>> out what this place to burn out. this is my home. >>> the fires burning away from any buildings the cost still under investigation. a gust fire scorched hundred 50 a. in the east bay before crews could get the content. the fighters in the crews between concord started yesterday afternoon. the cause is still under investigation. >>> the keynote address impacths the party platform released and democrats are ready to kick off the 2012 convention. >>> president such a historic time. i couldn't imagine not coming. >>> as it does the lease began republicans won't let go of the questions are americans better off than they were four years ago? >>> he can tell you that your butt off. >>> can you honestly say that people are better off today than they were yes or years
on the streets of los angeles. police chased a card out but a bank robbery suspects. daminozide begin tossing logs of catch up the window. and shocked with this is a rush in to snatch the bills and the car was finally cornered at an l.a. intersection. three of the suspects had already dealt out. >>> alberta had a busy did it yesterday. >>> ireland 7 mi. before the event came home and changed. there is money the the girl had youth programs. they we had 10 of the runners yesterday show up but at&t park yesterday it was an amazing scene there were so many people on the wednesday night pinhead. the running time was under 70 minutes. where in the fifties and low 60s. the winds are pretty much stagnant at this hour. the building because we shall look back locale's out there right now. he will dissipate later this afternoon. is your future cast for lunch hour. clause a hanging their tight to the ocean beach and avenues. to date under the influence of high pressure and we will see the hottest temperatures of the work week. temperatures from that office to appease a mid-60's at the beaches for two 70'
is the and ready to leave houston for all passel. the spacecraft is on his final journey to its final home in los angeles. tomorrow the shuttle make a to arafat died at passing over the girl in the rich. there be a special feeling event. some of the other problem during spots include discovery museum and the lawrence subsidence. on its way to pass of the sporting a and then off to california on fiat. for more details on the jury in when he could expect to see the shuttle could to cbs as f. dodd,. >>> fast-food brands is bad for the environment. and this study that may have simply mad. >>> and the home and it's a miracle from. what's behind a 21st century twists unbuilded trailers. >>> and dump truck accident causing at this se,,,,,,,,,,,,,, shouldn't we have a problem here and one person was seriously injured in a buzz saw the crash been in this is a net add a false it smashed into an overpass and women of an amendment and sent into the box which landed on our road. and this the issue and a fear of what the charter was driving with his box up. it took awhile to clean that up as what it ought >>>
earthquake. drivers in los angeles are preparing for the sequel of but never wanted to seek. it's bad enough as good a ton mile section of the busiest freeway will be closed for the whole weekend starting tonight. delta says about 185,000 drivers will need to avoid the area. >>> still on the beach and steer local. stay with my ways. >>> the chp is warning loss angeles folks to refrain from heightened on the close the highway. >>> trying to run out the undesirables prepare for a separate neighborhoods is fighting crime in the ubique. >>> how about bnp said. the adults only dinner that's creating the bus. >>> a big discovery on mars. at what the curiosity rover spotted. what had gone to be hot this weekend will talk about checking some bridges around the bay area. >>> a live look across the golden gate here. >>> some new proof that might life may have existed on mars. the rover the gun sides of an asian strain on the red planet. this is bad rock that the roper been to that just a little while ago. a fast-moving streams possibly with steep may have flowed on that point. you may like to have you
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4